Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Lesson #2 Savings = support

We are starting a NEW economics UAV study lesson about 1 Min per lesson
you will learn how to get the best pricing on UAV assets and while at
the same time HELP underfunded public safety departments. Stop the video
if you need I know it goes fast!!    So this is where the rubber hits
the road and why we know you will not only spread the word but you will
also support the program. If you have the #police
funding or know of a department with funding. All we ask is that you
allow Airborne Works the privilege to provide a quotation. We are
assuring lowest overall price via rebates and out-right discounts for
the hard-working public safety agencies like yours to ensure the
availability of better technology for your everyday needs. Airborne
Works is well-positioned in the industry and we have amazing resources
to obtain any type of hardware that you might need. If we do not have it
we know someone who will. In reality the more volume in sales we make
the better our discount to you the end user so please give it some
thought if you are in a position to help!

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