Sunday, 31 December 2017

SUI Endurance Block 3 aircraft CT State Police Demo

Airborne Works on 12/27/2017 had the distinct privilege To be invited to the Connecticut State Police Academy. There we presented a US-made aircraft,  The Endurance Block 3 designed and Manufactured in San Diego California, by Straight Up Imaging SUI.  The Endurance - is a representation of our belief that unmanned aircraft are professional tools first and foremost. Tested in NASA's wind tunnels, the Endurance's frame is aerodynamic, lightweight, and durable. Its power system is crafted from quality components and delivers impressive performance and efficiency. The advanced autopilot makes both manual and autonomous flying a breeze and provides robust safety features. Finally, the universal payload rail receives multiple sensor packages for a variety of missions. With 40+ mins of flight time including the payload!

We can help optimize your aircraft for the mission at hand. Sensors currently integrated to provide a plug-and-play capability include high-resolution zoom cameras, FLIR thermal ( including the New FLIR Duo Pro R with three-axis gimbal,)  NDVI, radiation survey meter, and a methane sensor, payload release, Flood/spotlights, and more... The Endurance is capable of carrying unique payloads and are customized for the mission.

Custom integration is always available.  We are also a Premier FLIR Distributor, if you have a need for more than one FLIR sensor, we offer sizable discounts on multi-unit orders.

Contact us for details send us an email:

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Connecticut State Police Endurance Demo

Airborne works had the privilege to present the Endurance Block 3 aircraft to the top levels of the Connecticut State Police Department including, Homeland security, accident reconstruction squad, public safety, antiterrorist division.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Airborne Works Detailed Cell tower Inspections

This video is a presentation of our Detailed Cell Tower Inspections using 18X optical zoom aircraft!  These inspections prevent accidents, and save time & money on any high risk inspection location. Aside from standard inspections we provide other services as well as explained in the video.  We provide these services nationwide and provide aircraft and flight training for any company wishing to learn to safetly fly there own missions.  . Please contact us for a no obligation proposal or for more information.