Saturday, 15 August 2020

Airborne Works UAV AI Solutions ~ Not your average video data feed.

Airborne Works is proud to introduce our partnership with MOSS AI Analytics to offer our own AI solutions!

No matter the industry vertical we can help and it's more affordable than you may think! Aerial or ground based imaging for RGB and thermal even multi spectral imaging!

We are now working on a project to study the health of Coral reefs across the globe with a non-profit, So even underwater AI detection is well within our capabilities, what is your challenge and need, let us know! If it can be seen it can be detected and our AI libraries can be trained to learn it providing our clients quantitative and actionable, accurate data.

Streamlining workflows provided fast ROI for many clients! Cloud based or Black box solutions available for our public safety and insurance clients.

In-house to catalog and help manage all your data for easy access for all stake holders on the Esri ~ Arc-GIS platform.

Airborne Works & Moss AI Analytics your partner in providing tomorrows technology today.

To learn more contact us for no obligation consultation and tell us about your pain points, we can help! ~ #artificialintelligenceai #airborneworks #mossai #digitaldata #aoutmation #inspections #drones #dronetechnology #publicsafety #dronesforgood

Thursday, 9 April 2020

SkyeBrowse and NPS-DDP are pleased to announce their partnership to support public safety during COVID-19.

Greetings from Airborne Works & NPS-DDP based in Connecticut,

SkyeBrowse and NPS-DDP are pleased to announce their partnership to support public safety during COVID-19. Through this partnership, departments who cannot afford drones and 3D modeling software due to COVID-19 will be able to have access to these technologies.

Attached is the Press Release, the logos and an image to go along with the PR that can also be used for social posts.

Please do let me know if you would like to get an individual quote from Bobby (SkyeBrowse CEO) or Marc (NPS-DDP CEO) regarding the partnership.

We look forward to your support in spreading the news!

Warm regards!

Stay well, stay safe!
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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Save on UAV, Thermal imaging and Lidar hardware

When you buy from Airborne Works, you will contribute to help to save
lives! That is not an exaggeration; please take a moment to review this
short whiteboard video. Together we can make a difference, contact us
today for all your UAV / Thermal and Lidar solutions and we will make
sure you not only get the best price we will also give 5% of the net
profit back to

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Starr County Drone Donation

Without the help of great partner supporters like Autel Robotics and FoxFury Lighting solutions stories like this would not be possible! Please consider a small donation to help us support the underfunded public safety agencies across the country so that we can help put " eyes in the sky for every department in need"
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Friday, 25 October 2019

BLK-360 3D Reality Capture fly through

Complex facilities captured in hours not days with CAD ready results.
Airborne Works is your National Leica dealer. Please contact us for your
on-site demo and best pricing.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Cutting Edge Technology

This project is another nation's 1st for Airborne Works. 1st time in Cape Cod history drones are being used to map an island. 👍. It takes a lot of planning, hardware and coordination to map, and when the project is an island you have to step your game up a few notches! This project is for the Barnstable clean water coalition and will be used to study a dredging program and monitor the removal and the return of sand on the island. We also scanned one end of the island with Lidar as a test as shown here in this video. Showing the value of the Leica BLK360. We also mapped 3/4 mile of private beach property to help monitor erosion. capecod airborneworks 3dreality